How to find my holding in kite app

I was new to zerodha. Yesterday i was buy some share on cnc. but not sell yestetday. How to check my holdings i am unable to find my shares. And my fund is reduced[sharess buying amount deducted.]

Your holdings are safe if your trading was successful. You may check in 2 ways

  1. Contract notes at the end of the day
  2. Zerodha>Q backoffice>holdings

Many times Kite> Holdings gets display issues and will unable to trade though one holds a scrip. Its a BUG.


Value of shares will give margine for trading. While trading it shows margin money is low.

Kite> funds> Margin available is the money available with you to invest (buy) more stocks

You have to click on the suitcase icon and then select holdings in Kite android. On Kite ios, you have to select ‘portfolio’ and then go to Holdings. You’ll be able to see the holdings here.

The value of shares will not give margin for trading. But if you pledge these shares, then you will receive a collateral margin against the shares and this margin can be used for any trade which requires margin - equity/futures intraday, futures carry and option shorting.

Read this article for more about pledging shares.

This is the current list of stocks on which pledging is allowed.