How to find out stocks weightage in any index?

Dear All,

Could any of you tell me how to find out the complete list of stock weightage in any indices such as NiftyNext50, NiftyMid50 etc?


You check it out here:


Thank you for your kind feedback, I have already checked but, it shows weightages of top 10 constituents only, list isn’t complete. Is there any other sources to find out the complete list?


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Hello Sir,

A very big thanks to you for putting aside your time and efforts. I have downloaded the factsheet, however it only shows the weightage of 10 top constituents and the factsheet does not contain data on the weightage of remaining 40 constituents.

So, I would highly appreciate your help in obtaining the data of weightage of all stocks in an index.

Many thank.

The colored bubbles represent the weightages. In case of bigger indices like Nifty 100, sectors will be shown. You can click on them to drill down.

That’s awesome information for me to know the weightage of Index.