How to find the CAGR of my transactions or Holdings?

I would like to analyse of each transactions or Holdings at least from CAGR or any such relevant, right & effective measures. Does Zerodha provide it somewhere that I can keep an eye daily or weekly?


Please use this calculator

At present, you’d get the absolute return calculation under holdings. You can however, calculate the CAGR yourself, please take a look at this - (section 6.7).

I know this & many other CAGR calculators. But, it’s not practical to do it individually for us to our Holdings that too every day or week.
This is something everyone needs & benefits so would be a great feature to add to kite.


Why Zerodha doesn’t have CAGR along with absolute return in holdings and console? Its one of the key way to analyse long term portfolio.

Just thinking out aloud, it may be because absolute returns doesn’t count the time factor when calculated. CAGR does.
Imagine you buy a particular stock every 5 days. How will they show the CAGR conveniently like they show absolute returns?

I think one place perhaps this can be done is under “breakdown” section which shows how many units you have purchased and when.

Would be interesting to know how other stock brokers handle this.

Most of the platform show CAGR, so there must be a way. Another metric for same thing is XIRR. XIRR is used by Coin.

In my opinion, one reason for Zerodha to not implement it for Kite could be: Majority users are short term investor for whom CAGR/XIRR doesn’t matter. I am just guessing.