How to find Top gainer stocks of the day


How to identify or scan for stocks which have moved the highest since the market open (top gainers).

moneycontrol app.

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We have pre-created scanners to find the top moving stocks of the day. You can find these scanners under the discover section in the Streak’s Dashboard along with many other pre-created strategies and scanners. Refer to the below image.

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Thank you but I was looking for a solution in Streak as I want to automate my strategy based on certain conditions.

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How to write a condition where the stock has gaped up or down by 1% at least?

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Is it possible to find stocks whose volume is constantly increasing?

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Click on the below link to access the scanner based on your requirement-

I have used the Nth candle function and the previous N function of Streak to create the conditions. Click on the below link to learn more about the functions and how to use them in Streak -

Can you elaborate more on how many candles you want the volume to be increasing?

There are sites like, and other business news websites where you can check top gainers and losers of the day to plan your next move.

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Do check out

Check this tweet out to know some of the features that you may find on : :point_down:

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I feel the bins can be more practically defined for some of these charts to be more useful. For example, the center bin of 0% (useless for liquid stocks) can be -0.2% to 0.2%, and similar adjustments for the rest. (I know the 0.2% no. is arbitrary. A more scientific way to do it would be to use historical data to chose bin sizes so as to convert this into a bell-shaped curve.)

Similar adjustments for these charts:

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Please add Mutual Funds data to this website.