How to get a Dividend Report which is received in a Financial Year?

How to get a Dividend Report just like P&L report from Zerodha for all the stocks in my holdings?

Let’s say there are multiple stocks in my holding for which I have received the dividend in a financial year.

Please note that I don’t want to comb through my bank statement to find these dividend.

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@nithin, @Bhuvan This is a much-needed feature.
Allow me to share how HDFC securities dashboard looks like:-

Not the best of UI/UX or aesthetics, but it just serves the basics right, and all in one place as soon you log in. It shows:-

  1. Sector/ industry the script belongs to.

  2. The number of shares you’ve been holding since more than 365 days. Quite useful while rebalancing, as sale of share would not attract STCG.

  3. Dividend received in the realized profits/ loss

In the end, it shows the summary of all parameters.

Also, Zerodha console should include data representation of how much is allocated to which sector, how much dividend received, how much is available for rebalancing without STCG .etc. important parameters.

Apart from this, Kite has no separate headers for NCD, SGB, ETF, SIP, IPO, .etc.

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Console will get integrated into Kite itself. But this is what Console shows
Kite - Zerodha's fast and elegant flagship trading platform,

Click on a scrip and breakdown


We show all the info that u see and more. We will soon add the sector filter

All the goodies in terms of experience on Console will start going up soon. Now that we have the base ready.

And yeah we will soon add that dividend to be expected in other credits/debits section on our P&L. This would be expected dividends.


Instead of showing the exact age of the script, wouldn’t it be more useful to know the quantity of shares which have completed 365 days, which means they are long-term now? So that there won’t be STCG upon selling them.
In the screenshot you have shared, if this is my portfolio, I would have to manually add the Qty of shares which have exceeded 365 days, if they have been bought on multiple dates to know the total number of shares which are now long-term.

Compare this with the screenshot I had shared above. In the first row, out of 100 shares, 0 are long-term. In the second row, out of 65, all are long-term and selling those 65 shares won’t attract STCG.

So one can plan his rebalance better. Did you get my point?

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Yep, got what you are saying. We will figure a way to show long term and short term total quantity separately.

Breakdown indicates how many different buys at what price and time resulted in the holding. So it is good info.

“Expected” would sound like it is yet to be received. So even after Dividend has been credited, it would read as yet to be received. The copy should work before and after dividend has been credited.

How about simply using Dividend without using the word - Expected. And the amount to be shown only once it is credited.

Having said that, Expected Dividend before actually credited would also mean investors get aware a momentory dip in the share price might happen, which may be a buying opportunity for a long term investor (or maybe not, depends on other factors).

Just adding my point of view on the choice of words.

The reason expected is because, we wouldn’t be able to track if dividend has hit your bank account or not. There are many times dividends don’t come on time. But yeah, we will think of how to word it better.