How to get a job related to trading?

Are there any jobs

What’s the exact role you are looking for?

There is a scarcity of stock trading jobs in India, given the nature of the job. There are companies like FuturesFirst but if you do manage to land an interview with them, their recruitment process and eventual job culture is usually hell. Maybe you should search for ‘Prop Trading jobs India’ on the net but the nature of the roles available in these firms are very dicey.

Is there anything stopping you from trading by yourself? Traders are usually lone wolves. If lack of trading communication/information is an issue, then you can always come here. Lot of people you can to and trade ideas with.

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If you can complete certification courses by NSE Academy. Then you can apply for jobs in reputed brokers/investment companies.

By completing certification you can show credibility in your knowledge and it will help u in building career in this field


You can do CFA,FRM.

Sahil, those are certifications not MS programs
You can follow this link.
CFA is a professional certification recognise world wide and hard to pass also.
If you get CFA you can get job in a well recognise AMC which you want .

Its very nice to see your enthusiasm for trading.

Please note that trading is quite a challenging task, and getting to “that” level takes couple of years, and several hundred hours of screen time. A trader needs to get familiar with several hundreds of chart patterns, know how to manage risk, need the stability and psychologically develop oneself, in case one goes through several drawdowns, which at times can be quite frustrating if one is not accustomed to it, and know how to cope with the situation - And all these things takes time to grow.

Please don’t mind, but looking at several of your last posts here and the questions you asked like “How to exit options when zero buyers”, seems like you are relatively new to trading, and got enthusiastic by a few quick profits.

Seeing this i feel, getting to a conclusion of having a trading career is very early at this stage. Spend some time here (may be a few years) and then see if you still have that energy.

There is a popular saying in hindi - “Sawan ke andhe ko sab hara dikhta hai”.- One who goes blind during springs sees greenery all around. (Or a person who have seen only prosperous times, fail to see the gore reality of dire circumstances). And as you know, Nifty has been going through a bull run, where it is easy to make money. Wait for sometime, see how the market behaves during corrections, crashes and bearish trends. See if you can cope with it, and enjoy doing that, and then decide if trading is still right for you as a full time career.


So you wanted a job in trading… hmm… :rofl::rofl:


Damn, I was so zoned out. I was researching CapitalFirst which is actually a finance company and in that flow I’ve mentioned it as the trading company by mistake in the post above.

The trading company is actually FuturesFirst.

@TraderVenk, love the pic, making it my wallpaper :stuck_out_tongue:

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There is financial engineering. Plus you can even go for msc. in finance at jbims

Why waste time looking for masters degree related to trading course? Why waste money going to USA , getting admission , paying big fees, hostel charges & more. Chances are not bright that you land up with a good job thereafter in USA though at the time of enrollment in university, they will do everything to lure you if you are a big fish!

Well sit back n relax , follow my approach. Start trading at wherever you put up. Make some money, increase your CAPITAL, take risk & earn big.
Earn bigger & take bigger risks, break the barriers, go BIG.

Become so big that you could buy US citizenship by investing there in real estate. You can BUY the citizenship. Yes everything has a price.

Getting into university & wasting lacs of rupees only to have an uncertain future is definitely not a good idea plus wastage of time & energy besides money.


As a fresher, u wud not get any trading job.
You need to be certified in the relevant experience. You can try out Executive Program from QuantInsti ( and they hv got placement cell too.

What’s the success probability if he becomes a full time trader? He is making a lifetime decision and I think we should advice him what will surely (or at least mostly) work out for him. Full time trading, multiplying investments, etc. are all like a gamble. Your ideas are really great but it may not work out for most of the people.
Just my thought.

what do you mean by you can always come here and trade? At zerodha office due people come and trade personally? DO you have any such facility at zerodha office for retail investors?

Well I m not sure about it if @nithin provides such facility but would be great if such facility can be offered free of cost or at very nominal price! And if food n drinks are also served to the customers who are watching over at big LED screens n trading live on their systems. :smile:
But I do know hdfc securities used to provide such facility (without food) in past where traders could sit n chit chat & trade. Not sure if its still there.

What I meant by ‘you can always come here’ is that you can always come to TradingQnA and share your trade ideas, also discuss and learn from other traders.
I don’t think Zerodha provides a trading space for retail traders.

If you are a fresher then take a MBA-finance course & then you can try for job at mutual fund houses or brokers.

If anyone want to make his career in stock market
How can he intiate after 10th standard. Means what course and what are practice he have perform . Please guide