How to get account statement?

I have nippon liquidbees fund in dematerialized form.

I want account statement since my investment beginning for the liquidbees fund.

How to download it?


@nithin @ShubhS9

Hi @R_Ganesan, if you have invested in LiquidBees through Kite, you can view and download Tradebook from Console, this will have all the trades done for given period (maximum period that you can load the report for is 365 days).

I have opted for reinvestment of monthly dividend.

Account statement is what I want.

Unable to register cdsl easi/easiest. No OTP is received even though mobile number is correct.

Got it. You can download the Statement of Holdings from CDSL, you can check the process here.

OTP is sent on your registered email ID too, if you’re not getting OTP on mobile number, you can check your registered email for OTP. You can check the CDSL Easi registration process here.

Thanks @ShubhS9

The problem was if you have two demat a/cs both with nsdl and csdl only the old one will issue CAS.

Thanks for your time.

But still CAS unlike mutual funds does not contain capital gains statement. Moreover a/c statement since inception option is not available. Pledge/Unpledge markings are missing in CAS. I have seperately written to customer support asking for details of pledge/unpledge which are required.

Even if console gives capital gains statement it is not signed and does not look like original downloads when presented for verification.

@nithin pl. check these points.

Hi Ganesan, checking this with the team. Will get back to you on this.