How to get historical corporate fundamental data?

I want historical fundamental data of companies i.e. shareholding pattern, cash flow, net profit margin, dividend yield etc. I am not interested in OHLC data.
I have tried searching for this data but I have failed to get data older than 2 years. Is there is any website or any api that provides this data for like 10 years back too?
To my surprise, technical data (OHLC) data vendors are much more in number and are easily available but not fundamental data vendors. Am I missing something?

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Can check tickertape for fundamental data.

Where can I get historical market capitalization for indian stocks for last 10+ Years … I don’t need all days Just any particular date in the past so i can measure long term performance. Hopefully in excel format.

You can check the price movement, may be take close prices for few points and multiply by number of shares, this should give marketcap.

Is historical data on number of shares issued for all traded stocks available readily anywhere?