How to get live OI data?

I wanted to get live OI data and change in OI data for various strikes. Where can I get it from?

Can check this from sensibul.

You have a free source. I track intraday open interest data at website to see the trend and to check out the support and resistance for Nifty and BankNifty for intraday and total OI for current expiry and future expiries.
Then we will get an idea whether to trade or not based on OI Data. If calls are added more than puts then we can have bearish view. If puts are added more than calls then we can have bearish view.
Please check out
It has historical OI data. You can check out in 5/15/30/60/120 minute time frame of a particular day.
Also, it provides live Open interest data and also option chain data NIFTY Intraday Change In OI Live Chart
You can check back/forward of time to see how the OI changed and also future expiry days data. Also, website has data from past couple of months.

You don’t get live OI data on any oi data provider you will get delay on data starting from 1min to 15 min on most of popular oi data provider. Even sensibull has 3 min delay and opstra has one min delay and also both oi data provider is paid one for this data.
Opstra has free plan of delay data 15min .

if OI data is updated every 3 min by exchange then how opstra is providing at 1min delay?

super confused

@Lalit_Kishor ,

How you can trade on exactly on correct spot price(with some spread) if its data from exchange is update in 3min. Make sense naah.
Same here on opstra it takes data from third party source, opstra might be collaborated with stock broker which provide live data feed but with some calculations , data feed gets delayed by 1 min.

Also refer to the screenshot

i think it’s 3min + 1min

OPSTRA paid verison is better than any other data feed provider that I know regardless of sensibull performance but provide 3min delay data feed .

And you can imagine it useless you don’t use opstra paid version which has promised of some moment delay not like other of minimum 3min delay on data feed. There live means live but with some delay due to calculation process.

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