How to get My Demat MF Units which are purchase outside coin

Hello Coin Users,

I have purchase “HDFC Top 100 Fund - Direct Plan” via Coin last year. A folio number (Lets say F1) is generate and allocated some units (lets say X).

However, by mistake I have started an SIP offline (not via coin but kept the same folio number F1 which is a demat folio). As soon as I realized the mistake, immediately stopped the SIP. By the time SIP was stopped, this has resulted in accumulation of some more units (lets say Y) in the same folio.

So I have additional units (Y), credited to my existing demat folio F1, but no way to view them for transaction purpose since Coin only shows initial purchased units (X). They are visible only in CDSL Repository (Z = X + Y)

When I talked to HDFC MF Customer Care, the response I got is, please contact your DP provider.

What should I do in this case? I already talked to Zerodha Support, but got a link to some knowledge base article which repeat the same thing as HDFC MF Customer Care.

Thanks in advance for your suggestion.

Hi Naveen,

Can you DM me the ticket number on which you received the response from our support team ?