How to get OLD Options contract chart on Zerodha?

Hello @nithin,
I would like to know how to get old options contract chart on zerodha or on streak?

Pls let me know totally stuck.

Thanks in advance.

Charts for expired options are not available. However, if you want run backtests, @Streak offers Dynamic Contracts feature. Backtesting on expired contract data is available from 1st March 2020. You can check out more details here: Dynamic Contract - Streak Help

Also, you can get historical data from NSE website as well. This is daily data, not intraday:

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Thanks for the revert.

I tried streak’s dynamic feature but again I can’t it in the chart format, its just giving me raw data. Like entry happened at this point and exit happened at that point.

I wanna see the old contract data in the visual format.

Why do you want to get old options contracts?

I wanna see the data and do analysis about it.

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I have nifty and banknifty 5 years (2016-21) options + futures data of 1 minute timeframe, you can mail me here [email protected]

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The raw 1min time frame data is available online for free (google it). You’ll need to convert that data to chart form yourself or use software like amibroker to do it.

(PS: Even reliable data doesn’t account for massive slippage that may occur during abnormal market conditions. And our all powerful exchange that often malfunctions and doesn’t even bother to give an explanation.)

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can you provide a link,