How to get paid L1,L2,L3 data stream From NSE directly?

NSE provides paid L1,L2,L3 etc I just want to know the procedure i can go through the entire Docs* but why to reinvent the wheel So pls if anyone Using these services then share it with the community, Thanks

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You already get level 2 data from your brokerage firm. If you want level 3, you need to reach out to one of the exchange vendors and ask them for it.

Any indian brokerage firm that gets and provides level 3?

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Hello nithin,
Is it possible to get access to low granular data outside kite, to my own program.

I was thinking of developing some personized indices, and some data analysis, my own portfolio analyzer etc. No algorithmic stuff, but I would prefer to code up my own stuff and rely upon Zerodha for low granularity data. Of course, it might cost, but how much?
Thanks for answering.

Have you checked

Any indian brokerage firm that gets and provides level 3?

Brokers only get L2 and can in turn give that to clients. So no one can give L3 the way things stand today.

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I have looked at kite connect as an option. I would like to request you to consider that kite connect API fees are quite high and there is a case for cutting it down. Being largely an investor, and less of a trader, I am looking for an access to API but not interested in using it to place trades. I only need data L1 or L2.

I am looking to develop some simple stuff which relies upon low granularity data. I will plan my trades through kite when I need to. For an investor it works much better.

Paying 2k/month for API without placing trades through it is somewhat costly. Can Zerodha consider my case?


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You can call the new API as kite connect mini!!!

If you are looking at this only for data and not really for trade/execution, maybe you should check out with one of the data vendors out there.

sorry for the late reply i was little busy. Zerodha stays on the edge cus its Boss is available a message away for its 200k customers. getting back to my question The link you’ve added is of Commercial Vendors.

But in the last column in the attached link* it says Domestic End User for all L1,L2,L3 and the Price is Fair enough. technical specifications are also provided. My main Question is there any Domestic End User in this Forum. Thanks

there are many commercial providers check

Sir can you explain what Level 1,2,3 types of data can you please explain

Level Description
Level 1 This is the basic level of market data and includes information such as the current price, best bid and ask prices, and trade volume.
Level 2 This level of market data provides more detailed information than Level 1 data, such as the depth of market (DOM) and order book data.
Level 3 This level of market data provides the most detailed information of all three levels of data and includes information such as historical data, market statistics, and news.

The above information is fully given by BARD (Google).

Sir, Global data not providing level 3 data. This information incorrect . They only giving level 1 data with premium pricing