how to get sector research reports on StockReports+

I have just subscribed for the Zerodha stockreports+ Reuters service, as I can see all the stock reports here when I search the scrips but I can’t see any sector reports which are mentioned before subscribing the service. Could anyone please let me know how to get the sector report on StockReports+?

Thank You

TR’s stockreport+ covers all the listed stock, but unfortunately no sectoral reports.

but when your website solicit new clients, it clearly shows that the subscriber of StockReports+ will be getting the sectoral reports and now you are telling me there are no sectoral reports available.
Than this is a catch, isn’t it?

Are you referring to this?


If yes, then this is a part of the relative valuation for the stock, where the stock is relatively valued againts its peers in the industry. Check this webinar, which has everything you need to know about how to use this report.