How to get security alert over mobile no.?

There is no answer for my q. security alert over mobile.

Getting security alerts over your mobile is not available with most discount brokers in India because of the cost involved. You can sign up for SMS trade alerts and end of day alerts for a nominal charge with your broker.

Nowadays everyone has a smartphone so it's best to get email alerts which can land onto your smartphone instantly.

No its not possible/advisable

By default the email alerts are sent only to Registered mail Ids

Anyway suggest

As normally nowadays, everyone are using Gmail, even u shall create a Rule(under settings), so that any alert email from zerodha gets tagged in seperate Folder/Tag

Any clarification feel free to comment/reply


do u mean like a price alert? If X price hits, you need to be alerted?

Is email alert available for any email id I provide or it will be allowed only for the registered email id with zerodha.
Since I get so many mails in a day in my registered id, it may not be possible to check each and every email when I get a badge or popup in my cell phone.
If I could set a different id (which I have created only for the purpose of stock alerts) it would be better for me check that as and when I receive an email alert.
Is this option possible?