How to get security code/ticker symbol if I know ISIN

Hi All,
I am visiting some websites and I am getting only ISIN information. How to convert this ISIN into security code which is trading in the market. For example in RBI site, they are providing only ISIN information for government securities. How to get securitycode or symbol name for ISIN.

In NSDL site when I looked for this ISIN numbers I am not getting trading symbol. But I need to find trading symbol for ISIN.

Is there a way I can convert this ISIN into trading symbol or ticker or security code, ?

Google it

Thank you sir. I tried it and miserably failed. Also I’m looking to implement this in programmatically. So I need to maintain database or I need to keep it in excel. So if we have master table or excel which is having all trading ISIN with ticker it would be helpful for me.

Can’t tell about Bonds but if you want Stock Symbol plus ISIN for Nifty stocks you can download Excel sheet from NSE’s website

Thanks @ShubhS9. I am really looking for bond data. I can try to match with 8.82% GS 2049 as 882GS2049. But some of them is not falling under category also. So trying hard to find the information

Your question is not valid

Security identifiers are based on country/ geography of issue.

Not all have multiple id like sedol and isin

If ever they do, it’s very easy to match the symbol using any one identifier

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Oh…OK…then I have to do this manually …let’s see how it works

Were you able to find this? I’m also interested to know as many platforms have now come up for bonds. I can easily invest through Zerodha if I know the ticker code if there is sufficient liquidity.