How to get Stochastic value to (14,3,3) in Kite

Dear Team,

I’m new to here. I’m having a MacBook so I’m unable to use “Pi” which leads me limited to Zerodha “Kite”.

Kindly help me , how can I set the parameters of Stochastic to (14,3,3) [ For getting Stochastic CrossOver] in Kite and also suggest me indicators which can help me trading in 5 min charts & 15 minutes chart.

I’ve checked the pre-installed Leading Indicators of Kite, but I did not find anyone precise with those default parameters.

Kindly assist.

hElLO tRaDeR,


Once you select this indicator, you will get a new popup where you can manually key in your indicator values.

Yaa I tried it, but didn’t get the desired results. Actually I was previously using this crossover parameter on another website and was getting very precise results, but am not getting here in Zerodha as I changed it to ( first box & last box with 14, rest of the two boxes with 3 )
If there is any option to upload image then kindly tell me, i’ll show it as kite is giving a lot of fake signal. I think I’m wrong somewhere.