How to get the profit loss including the brokerage

for example: suppose i am having a zerodha account. but when i go to position i can see the MLM. it shows the profit and loss i made. but the brokerage is not included. is there any way i can see this profit and loss with brokerage. i know about brokerage​ calc. but its annoying as i have to manually enter everything to get the p&l. is there any alternative way like a any web app etc.

hElLO tRaDeR,

Option to view the net P&L for each trade is not available.

You daily contract note will show the net P&L for all trades combined.

Also you can log into your Q backoffice late in the evening and check the REPORTS on TRADEBOOK and P&L

If you are an equity daytrader, you can use an excel sheet to generate net P&L on each trade.