How to hedge/stop loss my long portfolio holdings

How hedge or limit my loss on my delivery holdings in the event of crash like mar 2020
for example
i have icici shares at 610 in my portfolio. i want to keep for long and also want to limit my loss .
sell off if price goes down 500 . how do i achive like that .

One way, i found , not sure whether it is right or not
Create gtt with OCO order , with stop loss trigger 500 price 498 and sell trigger price to Huge value like 1000
Is that correct or any other ways

you may hedge with futures, you may get margin by pledging your shares, but this strategy only works with large quantity

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yes . but for smaller quantity ?

you can hedge with the following methods for lower quantities

  1. Buy put options . If the cost is high you can go for a debit spread to reduce cost and match your delta
  2. Buy few negative correlation stocks/commodities . ( This is not a perfect solution)
  3. Just Keep a GTT as mentioned by you

For small investors, it is better to hedge your portfolio with some gold. Keep investing, rebalancing and growing your portfolio and when it becomes sizeable enough such that a crash like that of 2020 might seriously hurt your short term returns, hedge with futures or options.

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thank you all for your reply