How to hold short position for 2-3 days?

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Can anyone quickly help me over here,

How can we short and hold an equity position for 2-3 days?

Note: I am not holding any shares of that Co. in my account.

I want to know this because, I can see HPCL futures are trading at a discount of Rs. 20/share today.

The Ex-Dividend date is 2nd of Sep, 2015

So, probably the prices of both equity and futures would be nearly the same on 2nd of Sep.

I want to short HPCL in equity and buy 1 lot of futures.

Let me know your thoughts on this as well and any hidden cons if this position is taken...



you can short in equity for intraday but not in delievery based trading , if you want delievery based shorting , possible in futures

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Shorting in spot is possible only through Securities lending and borrowing scheme -

You may also be interested in this -

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Thank you guys for answering the query :slight_smile:

Thanks nishant!

Thanks Karthik!