How to increase speed of entry during market open?

Suppose you want to enter into 3-4 stocks (may include both long and short) at the time of market open based on your research. All limit orders.Is there any easy methods to do it, instead of manually clicking one by one and entering limit price. I understand kite connect can be used. But just for entry is there any easier cheaper alternative? If we can fill the order details before market open and just clicking on each buy button would also be fine. Some thing along this line.

Have you tried GTT? You can learn more here

Sorry my question lacked full information. This is for intraday trades using MIS or CO products. So as I understand GTT might not serve the purpose.


  • A GTT is valid for one year. If it isn’t triggered within one year, the GTT will be cancelled. You will need to place the GTT again manually if required.

But why do my gtt get cancelled at 3.30 every day?
In that case there’s no real value add.

You can create support ticket at

I don’t have any recent examples.

I have disputed that with telephone support. They are sadly incompetent needless to say that reaching out is a miracle.

There were at least ten examples I had kept and discarded where gtt gets cancelled just like any other day order.

I will try placing another one tomorrow just for proof