How to invest for 1 year

Through Coin, I am only getting option to invest for 5 years. I want to invest for 1 year, So how can I do that?

There is no such restriction as you have mentioned. Can you please send a screenshot which could give some clarity on your query ?

Hi Faisr,

He is looking at the savings calculator.

@agarwalpiyush88 you have to click on the option of “Buy direct” or "Direct SIP "


if i invest in mutual fund through coin and invested amount is 25000 so how much return is expected for 1 year

Hi @Rajiv1,

I would start off with two disclaimers:“mutual funds investments are subject to market risk”, and " past performance is no guarantee of future returns". There is no assured returns when you invest in mutual funds, if you are looking at fixed returns you can stay invested in a bank deposit ( I wouldn’t call it an investment though) where you will get fixed returns, but the way things are moving on our country, banks may not need much funds( post demonetization) so your interest rates may continue to drop.

The only way you can have your money give you returns that can beat the inflation is if you do have exposure to equity( either direct in shares or through mutual funds)

Mutuals funds by constitution is classified into three.
Equity funds( high risk, high returns)
Debt funds ( moderate risk, moderate returns)
Liquid funds( low risk, low returns)

So based on your appetite for risk and investment objective you can invest in one of these categories or mix and distribute as per your choice.


How to invest in equity mutual funds only?

Hi @Rajiv1

If you have an account in Zerodha, visit you have an option to explore funds, now these are grouped AMC vise and classification vise.