How to invest in the CPSE FFO?

I’m a Zerodha client, and I want to invest in the CPSE ETF. Where do I apply and how does the allotment happen?

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You can participate in the Further Fund Offer (FFO) of CPSE ETF through us. The offer will be open from 18th January (9 am) - 20th January (12 pm). The minimum amount to be invested  is Rs 5000 and maximum is Rs 200000. The allotment of the units would take a maximum of 15 days to be credited to your demat account from the closing date.

The units will be issued at 5% discount price and the tentative date for listing of the units is 10th February.

We will be sending an email to our clients shortly with a link which will redirect you to the application page and provide more detail regarding the ETF. It will be similar to how we did it for sovereign gold bonds.

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Hi, can anyone please share the link for CPSE?


The link to CPSE ETF is here.

Hi, Is this link been sent out already? Can it be posted here too.

Hi, can you please share the link? I did not receive any email from zerodha?