How to know actual auctioned price of particular stock

Hi, is there any way we can get to know actual auction price that got executed today or yesterday, if anybody has that particular stock in their holding which went for auction today but got cancelled or did not get accepted.

Say, any stock A which was in holding, CMP 10/- and went for an auction and if the price quoted was 12/-, but got cancelled. What was the price at which the stock A finally got accepted from auction market?

Anybody having an answer to this and would like to answer?

Currently, there are no Bhavcopy-type report available for auction trades on the NSE website (that contains at least high/low price of execution within the auction market for a particular stock as each auction trade can execute at a different price based on price-time priority)

As of now, it seems like any random lottery market with no transparency in it. We put our price, the trade gets cancelled and we never get to know why it got cancelled, as nobody knows what was the price that got traded there.

Suppose A sold 100 shares through a broker . B bought it and both are client of same broker.
A failed to deliver the shares but since broker’s net deliverable position is zero , no auction will be triggered.
how will B get shares or will the trade be squared off at 20% higher price debiting A and crediting B ? @ShubhS9

I guess your query is out of topic from the original post. But an auction will only be triggered if one shorts a stock and is unable to close the trade and if it does not get auto-squared off from broker side also within the trading window timing. Then only it goes to exchange for auction and Exchange conducts auction for it to square off the short trade at whatever the final price coming out of auction market.

Learned that …it is squared off and B will get credit of 20% . but many times many broker have their own policy of internal square off and may give 10% only.

Ya, auction market seems to be among some of the most opaque system available in stock market, be it these new age high tech brokers or traditional brokers. Kind of waste of time and money.