How to know macroeconomic factors?

These are usually the macroeconomic risks which tend to affect the whole market. Example of systematic risk include –

  1. De-growth in GDP
  2. Interest rate tightening
  3. Inflation
  4. Fiscal deficit
  5. Geo political risk
    how are these calculated and affect the market?

real economy influences the secondary stock market, but influences only. separate both n analyze how much the real economy figures going to affect long term trend or short term shocks.

This one is a complex task and you cannot really assess the impact accurately. However, you could try the following -

  1. Download the historical time series data of a particular macro
  2. Download the Index data for the same time period
  3. Check for correlation

You can also venture into a more advanced statistical approach employing something called as the ‘Principal Component Analysis’ -

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