How to legally manage money for 4-5 people?


how to legally manage money for 4-5 people? i want to invest monye of only about 4-5 prople in the stock market. how can i do so legally? can i do it from home?


You need to get a PMS licence - without which it would be deemed illegal.


Bro if you are an expert in managing money me ready to put money. me need to recover some losses. ur contact?


no bro, i don’t have a PMS licnece… hence i cannot manage ur money. sorry


i am good at investments, but bad at day/short term trading. therefore without knowing facts don’t accuse. be astonished at how u assume things and how ur whole mindset is a scamming u. kindly refrain from replying to my posts as there r more productive things to do than just read ur baseless comments.

spend time learning some English… ur comment has a line’me ready to put money’ is hilarious.


"be astonished at how u assume things and how ur whole mindset is a scamming u. " - you are telling this to urself or me?. I didnot assume anything. I read ur earlier replies. Chill Bro.


read my post again… don’t assume things and stop replying. if u think you are very talented then share your trading strategy with results…

u assumed that i am bad with investing and cannot manage money and that i am a scammer… and u r telling me u did not assume things … i am astonished at ur baseless thoughts

earlier posts were on trading and not investing… managing money does not mean trading fyi


u felt bad… i changed the harsh words. trading n investing done in the stockmarket na bro.


i request you to kindly not to come to a conclusion by reading just one post. kindly read my other posts also and understand the context and then defame if deemed fit. anyway i am not replying further. i know that i am not a scammer. there will be people who will suck the energy out in all walks of life for no reason, but i have decided not to play the victim. may u and all those reading this prosper.