How to maintain trade book, ledger etc

Can anybody tell me how they maintain trade book, ledger etc?
Like which columns they use etc.

I guess its already available in zerodha Q.
I hope you r talikng abt shares traded in your zerodha demat acnt.

Why do you want to maintain your tradebook and ledger? Like goldb said, your tradebook and ledger entries are made in your Q backoffice. You could keep a note of daily net profit/loss separately as this is the figure that ultimately matters. You could also keep a note of your daily charges incurred and daily turnover separately if required.

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Dear @Srinivas,

The Q doesn’t give correct picture. Most of the time Avg Price is not correct. It doesn’t consider spilt/bonus/right issue.

I have learned the hard way and now capturing everything via excel sheet manually.

I guess, this is one of the downside of zero brokerage :frowning:

PS: yes, raised lots of support tickets with no help. Finally getting advised to wait for Imaginary “CRUX” since past 2 month.

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