How to make a good strategy

Hi team,

Can you help how can I make a good strategy using the EMA, MACD and RSI indicator.

We won’t be able to suggest or recommend any strategy. However, if you are not able to create a strategy using the mentioned indicators, then you can use our Chart to backtest(CTB) feature. It converts the plotted chart into a set of conditions and generates a backtest result. You can modify the conditions, parameters, and dates and re-run the backtest to customize your analysis of the chart to get more desired results.

To know how to use the feature, refer to the below blog:

To know more about the assumptions taken by the CTB system and the list of Indicators supported by Streak in CTB refer to the below link:

In case you have a trading idea that you want to implement on the platform and want to know how to use the indicators then you can refer to the following links:

EMA: Indicators - Streak Help

MACD: Indicators - Streak Help

RSI: Indicators - Streak Help

If you have any more queries you can ask here and I’ll be happy to help. Alternatively, you can also reach out to us at Support Streak


This is really a great feature.