How to make sure my order gets hit at point 9:15:00

If I manually try to execute the order it’s always takes few seconds .

Selecting AMO still is delayed 5-6 seconds.

Does entering of AMO order can change the execution time, like say one I enter in Zerodha at 7:00 pm the day before, one I enter at 9:00 AM the trading day. Will 7:00 p.m. order get executed first since they might be going in a queue.

How can I make sure that it gets hit at sharp 9:15:00 or say first 2-3 seconds.

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Hello Trader,

Place a BUY/SELL order between 9AM and 9:08AM during the pre-open session at Market Price.

Your order gets filled in between 9:08AM and 9:15AM.

This is the fastest way.


That only works for Nifty stocks or for all stocks?
What about options?

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All stocks, provided there is a corresponding seller / buyer at the pre-open time

and options?

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Hello, Would like to take entry at exact OPEN price at 9:15am. and exit at exactly 9:15 CLOSE price. Please share the streak coding