How to map ISIN number and the actual symbol of an NCD on NSE


is there any easy way to find out the mapping between an ISIN number and the actual symbol of an NCD (or for that matter, any of the tax-free bonds) traded on the NSE?
My financial institution reports the holdings and also any trades with the ISIN number and a long description with the name, the interest and thedate of maturity of the bond But does not give the symbol used by NSE.

For example, in the DHFL NCD listed on NSE at, the NCD prices are reported for series N1, N2 , N3 etc but these are never usedin my financial statement.
So can anyone please suggest where one can find a mapping between the ISIN number and series like N1,N2, N3 etc


In the same link of NSE we have ISIN number for each series , you can notice the same below.