How to motivate yourself after a downfall, please tell a way that's very much applicable to real life too. Thanx


How to motivate yourself after a downfall, please tell a way that’s very much applicable to real life too. Thanx


Nothing cheers me up like a good porn video when I am feeling down. Preferably Italian.


Then your comment belongs to that porn’s comment section. Just that some people with similar mindsets are upvoting doesn’t means such shitty comments are fancy here.

Anyone with any really relevant answers plz tell , would be really helpful.


This is a good place to start -


Reading motivational Books, Yoga , Meditation , spend quality family with your …always find inner peace , be calm and stay focused


After the shocking upset in the trade, have a re-look at the chart, the point at which either u decided to take the entry or might have blind entry (fomo, tip based, hunch, disposable liquidity etc.) see if that point was really to be traded or was to be avoided (may be because of near term resistance or support if short). Now as your position has turned south that means you have taken wrong position and it shall be a good learning curve. Look back at similar such situations in past, maybe go 2 or 3 time-frames higher for better view. Now try to develop a system which can make u aware of this precarious conditions and trade in small quantities for some time till your confidence is back, then you may scale up. Although they say that rear view mirror is clearer than windshield still past mistakes are prologue to our current situation. Happy trading :slight_smile:


Listening to some rock music.
Watching a couple of episodes of my favorite sitcom (laughter is indeed the best medicine).
Talking to friends and family (topics other than the market).
Taking a brisk walk.


Basking in the sadness of the mistake that I just made helps me come out as a stronger person


I’m serious. Why don’t you try once.


Thanx people for all the helpful replies :smiley: . If anyone have Any further additions then dont step back and plz post it.


On a downfall I would take a brake to review my moves and consider it as an opportunity to improve.


Just have a look on those contract notes which are one of the best trading day of yours in the evening . have some drink and tell your self that there is always a nxt time… :slight_smile: