How to move from DIrect AMC's to Coin?

Hi Nitin,

I have 10 Lacs of Lumpsum “Direct Mutual Fund” investments on almost 7 AMC’s directly via their portal without any distributor. I would like to know I can shift to coin? If so, whats the process? Does the AMC charge me in case of shifting to coin?

Looking forward to your answer.


I don’t think its possible. Coin is Demat Mode based compare to direct AMC website investment.

Since you have already invested in Direct Mutual Fund mode, why do you want to switch to Coin?

Remember Coin has a monthly fees and Annual AMC charges as well.

If you want to track your investment, check camsonline mailback service to get holding (summary and transaction) on demand

Hope this helps.


Check this post. @faisr any changes to the process?

Hi Vinil,

The process is still the same but now we can show the units on COIN for you to redeem it from your end. You just need to provide the details in the following format :slight_smile :

Date of Purchase :
Average NAV price :
FOLIO no. :

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