How to participate in buy back process successfully

I have to participate in buy back of shares that I don’t have in my account, when to buy stock if bid is closing on 4 th November ? Please guide

To be eligible to participate in Buyback offer, one needs to be holder of shares on the record date.

There are two Buyback offers open currently Dhanuka and Cheviot, for these both record date was 28th September and 18th September.

what is record date for buy back of wipro & TCS ?

Both TCS and Wipro have not yet announced Record Date for Buyback.

Wipro postal ballot of buyback will have approval by November 18 and TCS by November 21 . thereafter 8 -10 days for record date . later it will go for sebi approval which might take 15 days minimum to over few months for buyback to start .