How to place an order of this type?

Dear friends,

I want to execute an order in Options segment like this :
I want to purchase a scrip at premium = 8 and sell automatically when the premium reaches 10.
How to place such order in kite ? I know how to do this in equity segment but don’t know how to do it
in options. Please suggest.

Same as equity

Thanks @Newbie420 but i don’t see any target price in the order window

@nithin Please help

May be you should read varsity and can refer our support articles,kite user manual etc before trading in F&O because the questions you are asking are very basic. You should put some efforts from your end.

Placing such type of order in kite is very easy. Just add script into the market watch on left hand side.Click on Buy or Sell button as per your requirement.Go to Orderbook and you can check you order status. I hope this answer solves your problem. Have a nice day.