How to place big quantity intraday

How to place big quantity intraday.Suppose I want to buy 200000 shares of XYZ where quantity freeze is 70000. Now I want 2lakh shares to get executed with the exchange. Whats the solution? Because price will move when I will take an entry. I want all this 2Lakh quantity to be filled at the same price. Any solutions???

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Looks simple u need to opt for Bulkdeal through Operator

Please can you elaborate.I didn’t understand it.

  1. Mention a limit price
  2. Don’t let the disclosed quantity be the default value of 0

you can order it between 9.08A.M to 9.15A.M

it will be considered as bulkdeal.

you will get the stock at a single price.

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Dear Anu

You did not mention the purpose for which you want to place big quantity. Is it going to be investement (long term or short term). Or is it going to be an intra day trade. If it is an intra day trade it would be a bad idea to do it as price swings will be very violent in the opening minutes. Please elobarate the purpose

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I want to go for intraday purpose and I will eat small profits just say 0.001 or 1paisa but I want it should get executed whenever my signal will come. The strategy I am using right now Buy/Sell signals comes very fast within 3 minutes candle 6 trades.But the only problem is that how I should execute those huge orders. Again my profit is very less I know it but that’s my trading style which I prefer. Any ideas Ganesh ???

Is that will be considered as a Bulk deal. I may be wrong but according to my knowledge Bulk deals after opening of market from 9.15am. Are you sure can we do by that?

Do such a trade through broker by placing your order on phone. It will prevent any technical mistake on your end.

Did you even consider break even point?

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No still now no breakeven point. Whats that Maady?

I have already studied in nse website.once I placed bracket order before opening of market it was rejected.then searched on Google and found the details. What you see in other sites about bulk deals​ timing , which was ordered before market opening.

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200000 shares will take time to get executed.
This seems like a really bad idea to me!

market depth is key then, quantity freeze is you cant trade higher than that may in single order, so u can split the order.

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You can’t trade in bulk deal or block deal as they have specific window. To execute your order of big qty, you need to split order limiting each order qty upto freeze qty and place multiple order. Example - if you want to place 200000 qty order and if freeze qty is 70000 then you need to place 3 order (2 orders for each 70000 and 1 order of 60000). chances are very thin that this order will be filled up at same price. if you place market order - it will move price due to high demand-supply. If you place limit order - it will take long time to fill up.

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Yes but I can place AMO order or when market opens in between 9 - 9.15 am ?? I guess that is possible.

Bracket Order is a market order always from 9.15am - 3.20pm. With bracket order thats not possible. Moreover BO is an intraday product but here I want to CNC.

Quantity freeze is a restiction there right. Any other restrictions regarding number of shares?

i think AMO has no limit but do know this, everyone can see quantities placed for AMO orders.

There are so many associated charges, like:

  1. Brokerage
  2. STT
  3. GST
  4. SEBI
  5. Samp Duty
    and others

I do not think you can make any profit with that thin of a profit margin, unless it is a penny stock.