How to place GTT buy stoploss order against a sold option

Lets say I sold an PE option for 15 Rs. as NRML and I don’t want to create a spread to limit the risk but I want to use Stop loss of Rs. 20 with trigger price of Rs.19.5

When I checked GTT order option it asked me trigger price and place order price.
Why GTT order options does not have usual option like SL, SL-M buy ?

I think GTT has trigger option so buy order will not trigger until price reaches to trigger price correct?

In other words even though price might be lower at present (for example 8 Rs - so I am in 7 Rs profit)… it will not just buy unless it comes to trigger price …let’s say in my example 19.50 Rs.
@ShubhS9 @bhuv

Right. Unless price of scrip reaches trigger your order isn’t sent to exchange.