How to place the order.

Dear Team Zerodha,

Please answer me to place the order.

Suppose I bought 100 Qty of Reliance at 2800/- with Limit Order in MIS @ 09:45 a.m.

And CMP becomes 2810/- @ 10:15 a.m.

Now I want a exit either it hits the SL of 2770/- or the TGT of 2860/-. And in case if it doesn’t meet anyone of them i.e. SL or TGT. Then, let it be close at 03:20 pm automatically at whatever the CMP is.

Ritesh Sharma

Hi Ritesh Sharma

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If u have taken on margin money , while buying Derivatives lots u need to buy on Intraday y only
U need to square off by 3 PM if not it goes for monthly derivative buy or sell orders , in such case u need to hold the derivative lot till month end as equity derivative lots are monthly closing only last thursday of the May 2022

Hope the point is clear , if u have still doubts u can reach me on 98867-46194 for physical clarifications

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Er Suresh Ramaiah
Project Consultant