How to pledge liquid bees

I brought liquidbees before 3 days , I see no options to pledge ?

hai vishnu why you are buying liquidbees , its return only 3.5% , buy liquidfund and then pledge return will be 7.5%
haircut are same

They allow only 5 liquid funds , already brought birla … other 4 are good too ? to invest ?

vishnu just invest in any one liquid fund that enough why u r investing different kind of liquid fund , i invested all amount in birla liquid fund its safe in nature its big fund and 200+ securities added ,

yea but I dont like to put all eggs in one basket

you are putting your eggs in 150 baskets

200 in birla liquid funds

vishnu you r investing in birla liquid fund in 200+ diffrent securities inside of liquid fund , owning lot of liquid fund not make any sense ,

oh ok thanks for clarifying

What are risks associated with investing in liquid funds?

If ICICI overnight fund Growth is added to list of funds that are available for pledge, It will advantage without any Risk…

Liquid funds have risk…

We had article from @Bhuvan about the liquid and overnight fund…

how come birla is risk and icici overnight is not risky ?

can you give example

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Can we keep our money invested in overnight fund for more than a day?

This provides difference b/w them