How to pledge shares from zerodha to icici bank for loan against shares?

I have overdraft account with icici bank for which i need to pledge shares from Zerodha account . when i contacted [email protected] they have email ed me DIS book let form . I think for pledging for LAS we need to have pledge form . Does zerodha supports this ?. if yes what is procedure

Yes, we do support and you can avail this facility by providing us below documents.

- Agreement copy between both the parties.

- Pledge Form

​Please find the attachment below.

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Is it binding to use some minimum say more than 50% of your sanctioned overdraft in LAS account. i pledged the share and got LAS from a multi national bank but after about 16 months in operation they wrote me saying you are not using 50 % of sanctioned limit .i am sure there was no such agreement and even the officer agree but requested me to use . i am planning to close the account . any suggestion.

Which bank offer LAS OVER DRAFT at most low ROI ? any guidance please. i understand even NBFC like Bajaj finance etc too offer such facility and charges plus roi are cheaper than most banks .
i guess NBFC may not offer OVERDRAFT facility but only LOAN .