How to predict nifty options trend every single day

How to predict nifty options trend every single day?

I have seen there are many advisers who want to send you text or whatsapp messages to give tips every day morning …but I am wondering how can I do that myself ?

May be I wont have all necessary tools/software but is there any simple way to predict up or down trend for nifty for a day ?

I know a company sends out text at about 10.30 am morning …why do they wait till 10.30?

You are a newbie!
Nobody can predict a market.
All these tipsters out there are only to fool you.
join their service if you want to have 1st hand experience.
I suggest you join twitter and start following some good traders.
THey share their views with logic.
By following them and analysing their tweets you will be able to learn and understand a lot.



You might want to read this article.

@maddy_Des - you’re spot on; it’s the point# 1 in the article.


can you suggest some traders that I should follow?

Look for traders carnival 2018 speakers.
follow them and then continue searching good contents.


If you follow any analyst, youtube video, twitter tips, sms tips, subscription tips etc in stock market, you will be bankrupt within one year and out of stock market

Most people understand this after they become bankrupt

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OK, i will indulge.

I will tell you a secret on how to predict the trend every single day.

Now read carefully , just before market opens at 9.15. i.e at exactly 9.14 am. you must flip a coin.

heads = bullish and tails = bearish.

Now the timing here is very important, if you flip it at 9.13 or 9.15 it wont work.

It has to be at 9.14.

Try it and let me know the results.



In your TImeFrame, Just analyse the trend and go with trend, you will definitly gain some point.


You forgot about Sideways market


What do you mean?

Lol… :joy::joy::joy::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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That’s might possible and very low chances to predict the Nifty accurately,
following SGX NIFTY Before opening of the pre open session nifty, thats may chances too predict…

As has been said, it is mostly a bad idea to follow tips. But I would add that you can take help of some tip providers and do your own analysis and then take the trade. But there are so many tips providers that it becomes impossible to differentiate good and bad. It is always a good idea to look at old trades. I am sharing two providers I follow for option trading:

  1. Dilip Shaw:

You can analyze aby knowing the global cues, crude oil price, mcx, etc. and then see the mood of indian market and decide your strategy.