How to put EQ Delivery order

How to put Equity Delivery order in zerodha trading platform ?

If you wish to go for delivery you have to select product type as CNC for buying Equity stocks and MIS for Intraday,those MIS orders valid till 3:20 PM same day you can place SELL order with product type CNC for Equity stocks which you have holdings in your demat account.NRML product type to carry the position overnight for FNO,CDS and MCX MIS works as same as how it works for Equity.


While trading equity (Stocks on NSE/BSE)

Use MIS for Intraday Trading (9:00 AM to 3:20 PM): At 3:20 PM, all MIS positions are auto squared off. Using MIS, you will get Intraday Leverage (between 3 to 10 times) based on what stock you are trading. If it’s a good stock you get more leverage, and if it’s not a good stock you get less or no leverage. To know how much leverage you get for trading Equities for Intraday click here.

Use CNC for delivery-based trading: When you buy using CNC, you will not get any leverage, but there won’t be any auto square off’s either. Once bought, the stock would be sent to your Demat account and if you sell using CNC, stocks will be debited from your Demat account. Note that you won’t be able to sell with product type CNC without holding the particular stock in your demat account.

You can convert MIS to CNC and vice versa, by visiting Admin positions (F11) or by visiting Trade book (F8). You will need 100% cash in your account to convert to CNC.


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