How to redeem Direct MF holding present in Zerodha Demat?

How to redeem Direct MF holding present in Zerodha Demat?

For both open & close ended funds.


You can redeem a Direct MF holding present in your Zerodha Demat account. When it comes to an Open-ended fund, the buyer has the flexibility to enter and exit at any point during the course of the fund. For a Close-ended fund that is allotted to the client, one cannot exit the fund till the fund maturity date. There are instances where Close-ended funds are listed on the exchange and one can exit their fund through an exchange trade.

All of Zerodha’s Mutual Fund orders are routed through the BSE STAR MF platform. A DP charge of Rs.5.5 per redemption is payable to CDSL.

These Direct MF holdings will be visible in your Demat holding statement.

Such steep charges?! MfU is way better…

Any changes now in the charges with introduction of coin?

What if i have not subscribed to coin and hold closed ended direct fund?

But i read in qna that redemption charges for MF in demat form is Rs .5.5/- per transaction(CDSL Charges).
Please let me know claerly about the redemption charges

Rs.5.5 is a DP charge and not a redemption charge.

If i want to redeem MF of Rs 45000/- how much will be the charges that will be debited from my account. only RS 5 .5 ?

I own 10000 nos of MCXRD a closed ended fund maturing in about 10 days. Want to know whether credit will be given automatically and if so will it come to my attached bank account or to trading account?

Further want to know whether anything is to be done manually to get the funds. such as filling a form. e form or hard copy.

Your bank account. You don’t have to do anything