How to redeem sgb after 5 years

How to redeem sgb after 5 years from zerodha account, I’m not asking about selling in exchange but rbi notifies an exit window after 5 years which is usually 10 days before interest payment.


I am also interested in knowing about. As multiple Early Redemptions for SGBs have happened, is there a procedure/method for this? Does one need to raise a support ticket few days before the coupon payment date in case one is interested in prematurely redeeming their SGB?

As per the FAQ (Question 25) on the RBI website, it is suggested that the bondholder approach their bank/SHCIL offices/Post Office/agent a month before the coupon payment date if they need to prematurely redeem SGB. Do we also need to notify 30 days before or would requests for redemption be accepted later on as well?

25. What do I have to do if I want to exit my investment?

In case of premature redemption, investors can approach the concerned bank/SHCIL offices/Post Office/agent thirty days before the coupon payment date. Request for premature redemption can only be entertained if the investor approaches the concerned bank/post office at least one day before the coupon payment date. The proceeds will be credited to the customer’s bank account provided at the time of applying for the bond.

Also came across an article which shared upcoming buyback dates for SGBs -

Since we are holding in demat format our DP should be able to handle it. But as of now there is no information how this done. Rbi notifies the date of early redemption date and we then have approach well before interest payment date. The price of buyback/ redemption is also published in rbi website. I Wish zerodha document this in varsity so everyone knows it.

I would like to know this too. Since there is no answer I am assuming, as of now, there is no way to prematurely (after 5 years) redeem the SGB in Demat form through Zerodha. I hope they implement this as it will be very useful.

I am also interested in knowing about this.

@Zerodha Team: Pl answer.

Here is the answer,

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@ShubhS9 @nithin
Can this process be made online ?

The offline process is tedius ,time consuming & expensive .

Hi @ManoranjanS, we’ll speak with the depositors and figure if there’s a way to make the process online.

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