How to redeem SGB on maturity (i.e. after 8 years)?

Suppose I bought SGB (for instance 10 grams on Subscription Date : April 20-24, 2020 and Issuance Date : April 28, 2020) and hold it till maturity. I would like to know as how to redeem SGB on maturity (i.e. after 8 years). Will it automatically get sold in market after completion of 8 years or selling order has to be placed manually. In later case how would I know the exact date of maturity for SGB. Will it be on April 28, 2028 ? Besides, regarding interest credit that happens semi annually, does the amount gets credited in trading account or it gets credited directly to the linked bank account of the customer ? I searched over internet but didn’t get the answer. Would appreciate for help.

You can refer to the RBI’s FAQs on SGB. All the basic questions have been answered there. Hope it would help you to have more information.

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It’s not mentioned there his to redeem sgb after 8 yrs

Just like other bonds, they will disappear from tour demat and money will be deposited in your account…

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