how to rollover futures

How to rollover may futures to june 23?

Hy @peyyetti_rao

Rollover is nothing but exiting present month contract closer to expiration and opening a similar position in the next/another month contract.

Hence if you would like to rollover your futures you can exit the may futures and open a similar position in June 23 futures. :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

Please note rollover of contracts in the ban period is not allowed. However, exiting the existing positions is allowed.

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You also need to consider the cost of rollover.


Let’s say, At the time of rollover:

Nifty may futures price: 18220
Nifty june futures price: 18310
Lot size: 50

So the rollover cost will be around:
(18310-18220)X50 = 90X50 = 4500

In addition to this = 40 rs. brokerage + all other charges including GST (let’s say 100 rs.)

Net Rollover cost will be around: 4500 + 40 + 100 = 4640

Hope this information will help you to take an informed decision.

this is why buying deep ITM option better than future, unfortunately we cant do that in zerodha without having a short position because of OI limit.


Do Deep ITM moves like futures?

What about volatility?

deep ITM option will have its Intrinsic value so it gain/loose same point as index or stock. volatility dosnt affect deep ITM, it may gain few extra points when vix up thats it.

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Thanks, man !!

Apart from long deep ITM, there is an option of synthetic futures as well with more liquid ATM.

for long NF instead of rolling monthly or quarterly,
In NIFTY for eg, you can get DEC23 options at 17500, so a pair of LONG CE and SHORT PE will remain open till the year end.

The delta with deep ITM is not constant, unlike with synthetic Futures.

Does this works for FNO stocks?

it will for all derivatives. its easier to trade FAR ATM options than deep far ITM as liquidity is a concern.
just that stocks dont have such far expiries

Will test it

Thanks for the information.

but u cant buy it on collateral. this is the drawback of this. you have buy on case only…