How to save drawing in kite web?

i have drawn many lines and fibonacci levels in chart (in full screen mode), but when 2 day later i opened no lines or fibonacci was there for same stock.
how to save drawing in kite web?

When you add drawings, click on save preferences or wait for 1 min for autosave. If you are using the browser incognito or clear browser cache, these drawings saved will also get cleared. Check this video

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ohh, Thank you !!

How to save drawings in Pi?

for saving the drawing and indicators in pi, should right click on the chart save chart as template,
and for applying the drawing on new chart , right click on chart and select apply template and choose saved template

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Like Pi, is it possible to save multiple drawings for the same stock on KITE also?
Like for ex- If I want to have only trendlines in one chart of TCS stock and Fibonacci retracement on the second chart and on third chart ellipses for TCS stock. So that when I wanna see the chart with trendline I could choose the first type of chart and when wanna see Fibonacci levels I could switch to another one.

This isn’t possible on Kite. You cannot have different drawings on different charts of the same stock. You can open the chart of a stock, add drawings and save preferences to save the drawings. The next time you open that chart, your saved drawings will show up.
If you delete the existing drawings and add new drawings on the same stock then the new drawings will get saved as the preference. Only one preference per stock chart on Kite.

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@BharatW @AlgoGeek I had saved my drawing on Kite web and saved preferences for five charts but when i restarted my system i lost all my drawing can you please tell how i can save my drawings across system reboot