How to save preferences on kite charts?


i am drawing resistance and support levels on kite drawings, i save views, save preferences. even though it is not saving in kite drawings. i saves yesterday and i opened today, nothing saved. how to save my preferences, even after i click on " save preferences" button.

Your Kite chart drawings are specific to the stock chart you draw them on. For ex, if you add drawings on the SBI chart on Kite and save preferences, then these drawings get saved only for the SBI chart.
Drawings don’t get saved in views. If you wish to add drawings to other stock charts, then you’ll have to separately add drawings to other stock charts.

yes. i draw charts , support and resistance lines for SBI, i save it. But later when i open SBI chart it is not saving, even though i save preferences.

Kite preferences are saved in the local browser cache. If you clear browser cache or if you hard refresh Kite, then all your preferences will be erased. Other than this, your preferences(drawings in this case) will be saved on the chart when you load it.