How to search for bank nifty weekly options in kite Android application. I can search for it in Web it but not in Android

Bank nifty weekly is still not available on android. Should be available by next release.

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But why there is no MIS intraday margin provided for Bank nifty Weekly optiosn. Could you please provideit… As i am using Bank nifty weekly optiosn just as a strategy to short the optisn…and the MArgin in NRML is really huge…

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I am not able to search bank nifty weekly option banknifty 16th nov 2017 25400 ce, plz explain how

Yeah. I am hoping to get answer from @nithin on this.:slight_smile:

Wondering is there any implication that will happen if you allow traders to have margin for the weekly Bank Nifty options. May be is it because of the liquidity…

Type This in Search “BANKNIFTY 16 25400” and You will see both CE & PE.

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