How to search for the 15th Dec weekly contracts??

hello @Streak

I recently came accross your platform via my kite terminal, and was impressed by the tech.

I started using it to test my options strategies and check how it works. However, im unable to search forr the 15th Dec weekly options. How do i get it??

Thank you

Hi @Muskan_Anjali

The format used by you to search the contract is not correct due to which Streak is not showing the contract. You just have to use the initial letter of the month i.e. “D” instead of “DEC” and this shall work fine. Refer to the below image.


You can copy and paste the following into the search box to add the Nifty 18000 CE 15th December expiry contract - NIFTY22D1518000CE

Also, in Streak, you can make use of the Dynamic contracts function to select the strike prices. This function automatically selects the strikes based on the parameters provided by the user, so that you don’t have to manually add it every time.

Refer to the following link to learn about the Dynamic contracts function in detail - Dynamic Contract - Streak Help

Hope this helps.