How to select stocks for intraday trading in Zerodha

hey there fellow people.
am new to trading. i have read 2 to 3 books on trading and had 2 courses about stock market

but none of that were able to answer my question.
well guess, i think now am at the right place where am surrounded by intelligent people.
so anyone can please explain how to select stocks for intraday trading.

and one more question. If by trading 14000 with margin, i earn 140 to 200 rs per day, is it good earning or most of my money will be deducted in taxes

Thank You

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You can start by implementing your analysis on Nifty 50 stocks, once you start learning more about markets then you can expand your horizon. You can also make use of Streak Scanner to identify stocks for trading opportunities.

There is no definitive answer to how much is enough in trading, the best one can do is have proper risk management to preserve the capital in long run.

You can read this, will help you.

Do go through Varsity as well, you will get to learn a lot more.


How many books you read during school days or graduation? Ek do books se kya hoga!
Also which courses you wasted your money on?

Chaplusi se trading nahi aayegi! No use! Need very very hard work.

Go to brokerage calculator of Zerodha and see for yourself. If you want to earn 200 rs then you will have to target for “200+charges”. Start trading and within 1-2 days you will get rough figure of charges per trade.

** [How to select stocks for intraday trading in Zerodha]**
I remember Virat Kohli asked me similar question. How to select which ball to hit and which to leave? I suggested few books. He spent 2-3 months reading those books by heart. Didn’t help either.

So net practice is the key.

Start spending 8-10 hrs daily in front of the charts. Start trading small small quantities. You will gradually master it.

PS - Simple google search of " How to select stocks for intraday" will throw numerous results. There are intelligent people there too!

Best of Luck

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bhaiiii mere ko sachme bahut acha lga yeh playform dekh k…maine kabhi kisi trader ke saath baat nahi ki…koi chaplusi nahi kr raha…na hi krne ki zrurt hai…main punjab ke ek chote se village se hu…hmare yaha sirf farmers hai…stock market se kisi ka door door tak koi rista nahi hai…maine khud bsc non medical ki hai…finance se mera koi rista nahi tha…soo koi na to doubt clear karne wala tha na koi bat krne wala…yaha pe kafi post dekhi…bahut sare log dusro ki help karte hai unke doubt clear karke…isliye yeh acha lga…mera ajj tkk trading mein koi dobt clear nahi hua tha…

course bhai maine ca rachna ranade ke liye the…telegram pe sste mil gye the…mere pass itne pese v nahi hai khrab krne ke liye…700 mein 3 course mil gye the…aur mere ko stock market ke bare mein kuch nahi pta tha,…un courses ne v meri bahut help ki hai…

bhai main bilkul new hu trading mein…isliye ese chote question puchta hu…kyuki mere ko abhi itna pta nahi hai trading k bare mein…

overall, thank you soo much guys for replying and clearing my doubts.
i will invest in nifty 50 stocks.

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Day traders should select stocks that have ample liquidity, mid to high volatility, and group followers. Identifying the right stocks for intraday trading involves isolating the current market trend from any surrounding noise and then capitalizing on that trend.

Complete Varsity first.
Elearnmarket F2F videos from youtube.

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