How to sell BSE CNC shares on NSE?


Is it possible to sell a share bought on BSE to be sold on NSE after they have been delivered to my demat account?

If yes, how?

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You can, but it should be listed on NSE as well. Just search the stock you want to sell and add the one listed on NSE to your watchlist and sell from there.

Also, I bought the share on NSE. On the T+2 day, i.e, after delivery, the share is shown as on BSE in my portfolio.

Why is it so?

If it because of the higher closing price on either of the exchange, then will the exchange change in my portfolio whenever the share price on the other exchange closes at a higher price?

Explained here.

So if let’s say Reliance closed at 1000 on NSE and at 1005 at BSE on monday, then it will show BSE in my portfolio

And on Tuesday, Reliance closed at 1007 at NSE and 1006 at BSE, then it will change in my portfolio from BSE to NSE on Tuesday?


Okay, great!

Thank you!

So are there arbitrage opportunities for at least a few stocks, between the two exchanges?

You can read this

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